"Dis moi, Céline, les années ont passé. Pourquoi n'as tu jamais pensé à te marier ?"

Agency creator : Céline Debusscher

Do you know this French song ? It tells the story of a young girl caring about her siblings and still not married. The chorus says "Tell me, Céline, years went by, why did you never think about getting married"

I heard this song a lot when i was a kid, and i think i decided that i would marry you also ! True life lover, being able to live this emotions again and again with you and in a so unique way is real pleasure for me.

I am here to guide you into this particular day so that you only take the good . I have always been close to people, a true friend and attentive advisor, i will be your best ally to help your ideas and love bloom !

French song from hugues aufray

a piece of me




Why this name ?

i am a plant lover, my house is full of them, which drives mr billet doux crazy ;)

A Billet doux, it's a French expression meaning love note, this love note given to the person that make your heart dance. Symbolic of sweetness, reassuring and full of crazyeness with a sacred touch from an ancient and romantic language ...

My agency is all that, and much more ...

Thank you to L'atelier d'Am for the great work on my logo : my favourites flowers as a C crown from my firstname in a sweet palet of watercolor.


I love life simple happiness ... a good meal with my family


I am the photographer of my family and friends, Stolen pictures are the most beautiful


I Have polish background. there, the wedded drink a shooter of vodka which they throw over there shoulders to symbolize their future years of happiness

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