I will guide you for the organization of the best day of your life



Destination Wedding


You are dreaming of a wedding under the Mexican sun or the sweetness of Swiss moutains ... but the distance scares you ?

Don't panic, i am here to help you handle this so particular project !

You already have many ideas ? I can relate, you only need a technical expertise on some points ?

Let's plan some advice meeting together !

Day D

Full Organization

You need a coordinator only for the Day D in order to enjoy every little moments with you and your relatives, I will handle the providers and the planning of the day

You are looking for a true and attentive friend and conductor for the full organization of your wedding, this formula was made for you



Full Organization


service providers seach

You both said yes ! Congrats ! Let's organize ! You don't know where to start ? You maybe don't have time ? It is creating some stress ? No worries, with this formula I will take care of the full wedding organization, I will carefully select services providers who fit you (even some you did not think about!) and we will move on together towards your wedding in the most serene way. I will adapt to your needs regarding the follow-up to offer you a unique experience :)

Budget management

technical meetings

day D coordination

starting at

3 600 €

Plan a meeting



1st call contact

You will organize your wedding by yourself ! What a beautiful project! I can offer you thanks to this formula the possibility to plan several "advise" meetings. We will discuss about your desires, ideas, service providers chosen, and I will give you my advise on the wedding market, my tips, and element you must not forget to be sure everything goes as plan on the Day D !

1st 2hours meeting

2nd 3hours meeting

Starting at:


contact me

Day D Coordination


Project meeting before wedding

Big Day is getting closer and to enjoy the most of it and avoid your guests to manage music, lights or else you thought about getting a wedding planner ! My job will be to coordinate the schedule with your service providers in order that everything goes as imagine ! I am here to think about second plan (in case of rain), handle guests and their surprises, animations ! Enjoy your day without issue, I am your serenity ally !

Unroll meeting

My attendance on day d to handle service providers

starting at:


ask me a question

Destination Wedding


same as full organization

visio call regarding your place of living

technical meeting on site

After this difficult year with the pandemic, you are dreaming of a wedding in France or in another country to be stunned and stun your guests ? Completely feasible, and even better with a wedding planner ! I will take care of all organization, with technical meetings on site with or without you if the trip is not possible on your side ! I will check and anticipate everything for you !

starting at:

On quote

tell me more


What are the payments modalities?

Why cost are "starting at" ?

Depending on the formula chosen, we discuss together about a payment timeline, which can be detailled as per below (for a year organization) :

o 30% deposit to provide when signing the contract

o 60% as monthly payment

o 10% remaining to provide seven days after the event

Bank transfer required.

Each service being unique and human contact very important, yes yes i love meeting you :) please tell me more about the details of your project and the bottom of the page, i will plan a first call with you in order to discuss about that and after that you will received a detailed quote. Indeed regarding the number of guests, or your wishes, i could need more time to plan your dream wedding !

Why can you trust me ?

what can i do if the formula don't match my need ?

Graduated from wedding planner training given by Jules&Moi a notorious Parisian agency, I will know how to make your project happens in the best way.

Naturally benevolant and organized, I will be your valuable asset .

No problem at all, let's discuss together about your project and I will adapt the most suitable formula to satisfy your need. You can decide to reach out to my for full or part of organization! Whatever you chose, I am here to provide a quality service, but you will stay the master of your wedding and will take all the decisions :)

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